Don’t Click Here: Wendy’s Non-clickable Chicken Banner

In Just a Chicken Sandwich, a recently published post by Ari Rosenberg for The Online Publishing Insider, the author touts “an online advertising breakthrough.”

What’s this breakthrough, you wonder? It’s a non-clickable banner ad.

The ad, for Wendy’s new spicy chicken sandwich, features an image of the sandwich and reads “There is no web site for it. It’s tender and spicy and you just go eat it.” They just hope you’ll notice it, be hungry, and head on over to Wendy’s.

Well I’m not so sure this a breakthrough, but it’s certainly abnormal (i.e. uncommon). I sure wish I could sell my clients on that. It’s almost all media buy. No clickthrough metrics, no landing page optimization, no ROI to track. Sounds like a dream.

Rosen praises Wendy’s for deciding “not to ask for any more of its consumer’s time,” declaring it “strikingly refreshing.”

Wendy’s also decided not to further engage or entertain consumers, coupon them, get their permission to tell them about the next new sandwich, ask them to tell their chicken sandwich loving friends about the new product, close the loop on ROI (e.g. with the afore mentioned coupon), and so on.

What do you think? Is it a breakthrough? Is it even a good idea? Sound off below.


P.S. Perhaps more interesting than the non-clickable banner (though certainly not abnormal) is that Wendy’s is totally out of the conversation:


Surface UI

Microsoft’s recently announced its new Surface UI:

Initially targeted at businesses rather than consumers – priced at about $10,000.

Some people might not be able to resist having it in their homes.

I would be curious to see how well the UI works for a large number of pictures since the videos only demo small use cases. 

Check out what others are saying on Gizmodo:

Wouldn’t really agree that it That similar to Minority Report. What do you think?

-Mandy Cornwell

Blurb – Make your own Book

This site has free software for you to create your book and they will print it.

You can take a peek at other people’s books for ideas or buy the whole book.

I have been playing around with the software and it offers several different book and page layouts, but if you want to do anything truly unique seems like you will need to build out the page in Photoshop, etc. Still very flexible though! 

 -Mandy Cornwell

You Tube:User generated broadcasting

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where users can upload, view, and share video clips. Videos can be rated, and the average rating and the number of times a video has been watched are both published. 

Wikipedia:User generated encyclopedia

Joost:tv on the net

Cyworld:US launch