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Don’t Click Anywhere:

Screen capture of dontclick.itWhile we’re on the topic of not clicking, figured I’d make a post about this thought provoking little site… It’s an entire site navigable via a wide range of novel, non-clickable interface elements.

The site’s pacing is superb, with perfect delay times and progressive disclosure helping guide you through intriguing self-referential content about the site and the history of clicking.

Live user-generated content and site usage data are seamlessly blended with static content throughout.

And don’t miss the inspirational “explore” section with its various experimental interface solutions for submitting buttons and exploring content. There’s even a training camp where you can learn to be a better mouse user.

So, did you miss the click?



Surface UI

Microsoft’s recently announced its new Surface UI:

Initially targeted at businesses rather than consumers – priced at about $10,000.

Some people might not be able to resist having it in their homes.

I would be curious to see how well the UI works for a large number of pictures since the videos only demo small use cases. 

Check out what others are saying on Gizmodo:

Wouldn’t really agree that it That similar to Minority Report. What do you think?

-Mandy Cornwell

Coca Cola Blak

Mobile UI Concepts from the TAT Concept Lab

Tat is a UI company in Sweden focusing on innovative interface design for mobile devices. The Concept Lab features their latest experiments and are always inspirational and unique. I only learned of TAT a couple months ago and have been inspired and impressed by the exploratory work they do in interface design, specifically for mobile platforms.

– Albert

clipped from


In the TAT Concept Lab you will always find some of our latest concept demos.

Experience what our products, TAT Cascades and TAT Motion Lab, can do for your device UI. The TAT Concept Lab will be updated regularly so make sure to come back for more inspiration on a continuous basis. You are also welcome to visit our showroom for more screenshots of astonishing user interfaces.

Click on an image below to watch the video.



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Download ↓ Dashboard


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Download ↓ PhotoRiver


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Download ↓ November Breeze


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Download ↓ Groowy


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Download ↓ -20 Degrees


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Download ↓ Star Sparkle