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Rohit Bhargava blogs, surfs, Twitters, Facebooks, SlideShares, Links In and holds down a job.

Posting this link to Influential Marketing Blog:

Bhargava, head of Interactive Marketing at Oglivy PR and former LB/Sydney executive producer,  provides an informed, opinionated and wide-ranging survey of digital marketing tools, trends and ideas: with great posts on what works, what doesn’t, what he likes, and what he hates.

 – md


Verizon Gets in on the iPhone “killer” Trend

Verizon Phones

It looks like Verizon is in on the trend to release an iPhone “killer”. The company just announced four phones planned for release in the near future which contain features and functions similar to the iPhone, namely music/photo capabilities and touch screens.

I personally feel the appeal of the iPhone goes way beyond it’s aesthetic usability. Sure, I think it’s fun to physically interact with the interface because of its intuitive nature and downright “cool” factor. It’s very futuristic, for now.

The greatest appeal about the iPhone to me is its seamless integration with my Macintosh world. I’ve always been a fan of Mac computers and mobile technology, but I’ve never had a mobile device which worked easily with my Mac setup. Getting notes, calendar information, or even contacts from my Macintosh applications to a mobile phone has always been a challenge, usually requiring additional costs in cables and software to achieve mediocre compatibility. This will no longer be the case with the iPhone.

I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon to switch phone carriers in order to get an iPhone. I’ve been a loyal Verizon customer for years, and in the end, I rely on what has been a consistent level of network service. I get a good network signal, calls go through, text messages are promptly delivered and I don’t drop calls. I can’t give that up in an expensive test to try another mobile provider just so I can have the iPhone extras. My phone needs to make and receive reliable calls first and foremost…all else is icing on the cake.

Will Verizon’s new phones grab my attention as a customer? You bet! I’ll follow the steady stream of product information as it’s released and probably select a new model as soon as I can!

Traffic Driving Tips & Links

A la TL!

+ Tell a Friend
Obvious but often overlooked

+ Social Site Links / Feed Buttons

+ Local Search Optimization

+ Paid Directory Placement

+ Be Remarkable!
This is most important one. If you do this, people will link to you, blog about you, etc…

And here are a bunch of seo and sem links…

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Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab

I ran across a reference to Standford’s study of Captology whilst reading a Forrest Report…and followed the trail to their URL. Riding the line between inspiring and downright frightening, they’ve created a lab to study “the design, research, and analysis of interactive computing products created for the purpose of changing people’s attitudes or behaviors.” The site isn’t altogether too deep, but their blog is fun to lurk about on, with topics ranging from “Captology to Promote Alternative Transportation” to “Department of Homeland Security Wants Cell Phones to Detect Radioactive Material.”  Give it a read…

 – carrie M

Surface UI

Microsoft’s recently announced its new Surface UI:

Initially targeted at businesses rather than consumers – priced at about $10,000.

Some people might not be able to resist having it in their homes.

I would be curious to see how well the UI works for a large number of pictures since the videos only demo small use cases. 

Check out what others are saying on Gizmodo:

Wouldn’t really agree that it That similar to Minority Report. What do you think?

-Mandy Cornwell

Blurb – Make your own Book

This site has free software for you to create your book and they will print it.

You can take a peek at other people’s books for ideas or buy the whole book.

I have been playing around with the software and it offers several different book and page layouts, but if you want to do anything truly unique seems like you will need to build out the page in Photoshop, etc. Still very flexible though! 

 -Mandy Cornwell

You Tube:User generated broadcasting

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where users can upload, view, and share video clips. Videos can be rated, and the average rating and the number of times a video has been watched are both published.